Advisory Board

Lena G. Ernst, Ph.D.

“... even the best dementia care does not always care for the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.”

Lena has worked with seniors as a licensed social worker, licensed nursing home administrator, and as an owner and operator of Alzheimer’s care facilities. She has provided education to other professionals in family ecology, dementia care, gerontology and family & marriage issues as an invited instructor for Webster University’s graduate program in Gerontology, the University of New Mexico and at national and international seminars and conferences. Lena has conducted and presented research in coping and stress reduction, and presented worldwide.

Graham Sharman

Graham spent most of his career at McKinsey & Company, where he was a partner. He focused on business strategy and operations effectiveness, including supply chain management. During his 26 years with McKinsey & Company he served clients from around the world. Graham studied mechanical engineering at Oxford University and chemical engineering at Imperial College, London University. He has an MBA from Harvard University. Before joining McKinsey & Company, Inc., he was a project engineer with Air Products Ltd. in London, and a project manager with the Bechtel Corporation in New York.