Board of directors

Michael Munson, Chairman

Michael has lived in Santa Fe since 1992. He founded Life Circle as a non-profit in 2011, and has been shepherding Adult Day Services (ADS) in Santa Fe ever since.

He owned of Posters of Santa Fe and Munson Graphics, worked in building construction and real estate development for many years.

Kim Berge,


Kim is very interested in working to identify the critical needs of the senior population in Santa Fe, now and into the future. There is a wealth of talented and passionate seniors in Santa Fe that could help support others in the senior community.

She retired as a Physician Assistant in 2012, after having practiced in an outpatient setting for 30 years. Ever since, she has been a volunteer at La Familia Medical Center, helping to address pending referrals to document adequate follow-up and disposition of care. This is critical to meet funding & “meaningful use” benchmarks for federal & county grants.

As a result of this work, Kim sees a significant number of clients with challenges in dealing with both the cost of their healthcare and in grasping fairly complex health issues, scheduling tests and procedures and complying with medication regimens. Often clients are unable to schedule appointments, as they have difficulty connecting with medical personnel, and many don’t have transportation or anyone to accompany them to their appointments.

Kim aims to help change this through her participation with Life Circle. Join us!

Cindy Rinaldi,


Cindy Rinaldi has a Master’s in Social Work, specializing in geriatrics. She served as the primary caregiver to her parents for more than a decade prior to returning to graduate school. After the death of both parents, she was determined to make a difference working with the elderly and their caregivers.

In 2016 Cindy moved to Santa Fe and began training as a volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Association. In addition, she became a Facilitator for the Alzheimer’s Association Caregiver Support Groups.

Currently, Cindy is a Medical Social Worker with Northern New Mexico Presbyterian Healthcare Services. Cindy continues to pursue her passion of bringing care, dignity and support to the elderly.

Stephanie Green


Stephanie worked for over thirty years as a health professional with the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. The last thirteen years of her career were spent working with the elderly as a clinical research manager for studies on arthritis, a major cause of disability for older adults, worldwide. Her professional experience also includes research on health services, with a focus on the development of diagnostic and treatment services for depression outside of an academic medical center.

Stephanie recently became a full time resident of Santa Fe and she was looking for ways to give back to her new community. She heard about the work of Life Circle and was excited about the opportunity to be involved in a program that aims to provide much needed services to a growing elderly population.

Celia Owens


Caregiving has been a part of my life, beginning in childhood, continuing to volunteer and professional caregiving since 1990, and for several recent years I was an administrator and trainer for a caregiving non-profit. At this time of my life, I see the value of all this experience, and am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to learn and share, by being on the board with Life Circle. Adult Day Care fills a gap in the options individuals and families face when the need arises. Life Circle has the opportunity to be an innovative leader in programming and a reliable resource for our community, at a time when we have an unusually high population of aging and individualistic people. The founders have shown great tenacity to its mission during the setbacks of the pandemic.

Apart from the Caregiving/Social Work side of my life, I am also a life-long visual artist, a writer, and I have an MA in International Peace and Conflict Studies earned in Turkey, all of which have served me well in community work. I am a long time transplant to New Mexico from New York City, and I lived a decade of my life in Rome, Italy.